What Is The Average Penis Size?

Agood number of men usually feel more dominant with a bigger penis. This is true, and a lot of research studies and surveys reveal the same. A study of historical cultures across the world shows the various ways that men used to attain larger penis. One of the things that pressure men into thinking about the size of their penis has to do with the opinionated minds of their sexual partners.

Regardless of what people say, women do care about the size of a man she is dating at any given time- more so in recent years. While this might be a big joke and sometimes dangerous, women describe the penis size to describe a man they are eyeing. Some relationships and marriages have even failed to work because of a man having a small penis- according to the woman.

Truth be told, sexual satisfaction is one of the things that determines if or not a relationship is successful. Discussions surrounding penis size are all over- amongst friends, colleagues at work, in social media and typically everywhere. There seems to be an urgent and significant need to establish what the average size of the penis is. What penis size do not most people consider okay and practical? Research studies have been conducted by various bodies to establish the average penis size. Let us take a look at some of the most famous ones in the following subtopics.

The Kinsey Study -1948

Unfortunately, the study conducted by Kinsey suffered one significant flaw- the research participants measured themselves. They were required to hold a postcard against their erect penis, mark of their penis length and then post back the results. The best part is that, clinical studies conducted later have reported smaller average sizes. These points out that Kinsey's research participants could have been less than impartial. Due to lack independent verification of measurements, the participants exaggerated the size of their penis although they gave out their measurements anonymously. As a result, the findings weren't 100 percent accurate.

According to Kinsey studies of 3500 men, the most common size of the penis in males is approximately 5.5 to 6.5 inches length and around 3.8 to 5 inches girth. The issue with an average size of the penis is that every person has his idea of what an averagely sized penis looks like. However, a good number of persons have been misguided by the image portrayed by pornography. According to Kinsey, any man whose penis falls within this range could be considered to have an average size of the penis.

The Durex Study

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Discussions and debates surrounding penis size have also attracted several manufacturers of condoms in recent years such as Durex and Control. Perhaps this can mainly be attributed to the fact that they have vested interests in the matter. One of the reasons for their participation is to ensure production of properly fitting products. In that regard, they have performed a range of research studies to determine the average penis size that involve hundreds of men from across the world.

Durex gathered the penis measurements of men via their internet based survey during the early 2000s. Just like Kinsey studies, their study also involved a huge number of participants (2936 men). Unfortunately, the measurements were based on self-evaluation of the participants that could be biased to some extent. It would have been better as well as more proper if the members were subjected to measurements done by Durex staff itself in order to deliver more truthful information.

Independent collection of data is an important element in the delivery of reliable findings in any survey. While the results reported by Durex are reliable to a given extent, their complete accuracy is doubtable. Nevertheless, according to Durex study, the average size of the erect penis is 6.4 inches in length and 5.2 inches girth.

According to LifeStyles Condoms

As you must have discovered, it is possible that Durex study findings were distorted particularly due to poorly taken measurements by the research participants. In a bid to overcome this problem, Lifestyle condom decided to use a more scientific approach in order to determine the average penis size accurately. The study was conducted in their clinical study in 2001. The survey used 301 men whose penises were independently measured by medical professionals.

Every male participant was measured twice to facilitate total accuracy. Initially, Lifestyles Condom had hoped to collect results from approximately 1000 men (a bigger representative sample). Nevertheless, this research study remains by far the single most penis size study that employed completely accurate as well as independent measurements of penis size. Apparently, surprising findings were obtained from this study regarding the average size of men's penises. More than 60% of the research units had their penises measuring between 5.1 and 6.2 inches while in an erect state. On the same note, the average erect penis length measured at 5.8777 inches and 4.972 inches girth.

Previous research studies that were based on participants' self-measurement had revealed that the average penis size falls between 6.2-6.4 inches. Lifestyles Condom seemed to suggest that the average size might be considerably less, presumably less by a half inch than earlier assumed. A Brazilian urologist performed a similar study using a population of 150 men and reported an average penis length of 5.7 inches and penis girth of 4.7 inches in erect form. This seems to agree broadly with Lifestyles Condom findings.

It would be okay to conclude that

There lacks a definitive and conclusive response to the actual average size of the penis. Nevertheless, it is clear that studies based on self-measurements report higher averages compared to the clinical-based measurements. This means that men tend to exaggerate their penis size when provided with an opportunity. But who wouldn't? Men feel better when they make someone believe that they are bigger than they are. Thankfully, all the information gathered from the various studies is useful for gauging the average penis size. In that regard, if you measure anywhere between 5.5 – 6.4 inches in length while erect and 4.7 – 5.2 inches in girth, you can finally breath out. There is no doubt that you are average and thus have nothing to worry about!

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