High Octane Sexual Fuel Diet

Whatever you include in your diet reflects in your energy levels, overall health as well as your sexual performance. What you feed your body is usually processed to fuel the range of activities that you are expected to handle as a human being. In that regard, watching what you include in your diet is of utmost importance. It is for you to know what should be eaten and what shouldn't be eaten. If you have are stuck at the crossroads and don't understand what the right sexual fuel diet is, keep reading.

The basics

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you feed on a well balanced diet. The right diet includes a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and a proper balance of quality carbohydrates and proteins. As far as fruits are concerned, ensure to eat bananas, apples, pears, peaches, oranges and grapes. When it comes to vegetables, leafy greens such as broccoli, spinach and kales are what you should eat.

The zone diet – that has for a long time been widely embraced is considered the ideal nutritional balance. At times, it is commonly referred to as the 30/40/30 diet. This is mainly because it recommends the intake of 30 percent calories from good fats, 40 percent from very high-quality protein and the remaining 30 percent from the complex carbohydrates. Good fats can be obtained from nuts and avocados. High-quality protein includes foods such as fish and chicken. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates include the non-starchy vegetables.

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What if I don't like vegetables?

Not all of us love the taste of vegetables on our mouths. If this is the case with you, how about you try downing them in the form of a fresh juice drink? By all means stay clear of canned juices, if it is possible. Canned and processed vegetables and fruits have been robbed of their essential nutrients. Whenever you drink them, you are unconsciously robbed of the necessary penis-enhancing power that you pursue.

Ensure to consume a high-quality protein on a daily basis. Egg whites, fish, and chicken are the right sources of these proteins. While red meat is an incredible source of protein, the proper cholesterol levels must be maintained. This means that you should limit your servings to 1-4 per month. You may want to consider eating buffalo or ostrich as they are much healthier and leaner compared to beef.

Is cholesterol that bad?

Only high levels of cholesterol are bad. The deposits may find their way to your arteries and veins and thus restrict flow of blood. By now, you should understand that blood flow is very critical when it comes to gaining a rock hard erection.

Additionally, avoid foods that contain refined sugar such as pastries, soft drinks, brown sugar and white sugar. It is time you began reading the packages of everything you eat. Be on the lookout for hidden sugars, food additives and preservatives on the labels of everything your purchase. By all means, stay away from pre-packaged, processed or any other pre-prepared foods. From today onwards, you may want to work with the ‘FRESH EVERYTHING' motto.

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