Why Do Men Obsess About Penis Size?

Why Are Men So Obsessed About Their Penis Size?

Well, what comes to your mind when you hear about man's obsession about having a big penis? Do you think they are obsessed because they are immature or emotionally unstable or gay? To your surprise, none of those reasons is right. Actually, men are obsessed about their penis size because penis size matters a lot to women.

Men always want to feel that they are the best. Well, now when they want to be the best, does that explain why they desire a bigger penis? There are several men out there, who are having a big penis size, but if you ask them, they will admit that at some point of time they were also looking for a bigger one. Well, what is the big deal about the size?

When we talk about how a woman feels, there are definitely other things, which matter more than the penis size. However, no other issue will strike a man's mind apart from his penis size in this regard. Is this obsession normal? Why cannot they simply set aside the size thing and try to master other techniques to please her? After all, it is not always about the size, but it is about the techniques you use.

Pleasing a woman is their priority:

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There is nothing to hide in this, all men love sex. Moreover, they even know that women love it too. Now, the most important thing that a man has on his mind while he is in bed with his woman is, will I be able to please and satisfy her? Will I be better than her past lovers? Will I be the best sex partner she ever had? That is all what he is thinking, no orgasm, no love or emotional stuff, but just about pleasing her.

This feeling is so strong that even a man with a good enough big penis worry if he is satisfying his girl or not. A man cannot definitely stand the idea of losing their woman because of other reasons, but they can never bear losing a woman to a better competition. This is one of the strongest reasons, which make them obsessed about their penis size, since they believe women are more attracted towards men with big penis (which is actually true).

Men are always after that one extra inch, which makes them feel they are the best, enhance their confidence level and make them believe they will perform well sexually.

On the other hand, if you ask women, most of them are satisfied with their partner's penis size. Well, of course men do not think that way. In most men's opinion, he is not big enough to satisfy his woman. Thanks to penis enlargement options that help men gain that extra size, which psychologically satisfies them. After all, the issue about penis size is 90% mental and 10% physical. If you are looking forward to surprise her with a bigger package, penis enlargement is the answer.

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