Male Enhancement Exercise: Two Popular Techniques

Male enhancement exercise can be the key to helping you get a bigger penis. There are many advantages of male enhancement exercises.

For one, it results to permanent benefits without any side effects. In this article, we will outline popular penile enhancement exercises that are used by countless men all over the world.


The hanger can produce quantifiable pressure to the penis. It stretches the tunica and the ligaments in order to distort the penis size permanently.

The hanging male enhancement exercise also provides a technique to applying weights with several advantages: it provides nerve protection on the penis and limits the blood circulation.

When you practice this male enhancement exercise for several months, you can begin to expect good results. The penis will lengthen and the girth will likewise improve. Although the tunica is resistant to pressure, the hanging can get past this setback.

This is the reason why the hanging method is the one of the most popular male enhancement exercise. Another benefit of the hanging male enhancement exercise is the minimal costs associated with it.

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You simply need a hanger, wrapping materials, and weights for you to be set. The hanger can even be homemade if you are on a tight budget. Just remember that you need to avoid those that have a full loop to go around the penis since it has the potential to cause nerve damage.

There are many types of designs but the Swin-cap and the AFB hanger are the preferred designs of choice.


Jelquing is the male enhancement exercise that forces blood through the penis. Because of this, it generates internal pressure and "damages" the penis forcing it to repair itself. The micro-tears can be repaired overnight but generating too much damage requires you to take several days off.

Take note that not taking sufficient rest can minimize the effectiveness of this male enhancement exercise. There are several types of Jelqing male enhancement techniques including dry Jelqing, stretched Jelqing, and uncircumcised Jelqing.

Dry Jelqing is the technique is the technique of using one hand to cover the shaft and allow movements in the grip. This male enhancement exercise is harder on the shaft so it should be done with care.

Compared to the lubed Jelqing, this is definitely harder but it has greater benefits from the inside the penis. This male enhancement exercise should never let your hand leave the skin; it is just released a little for downward movements.

Uncircumcised Jelqing increased the fluid on the foreskin and can actually cause pain. The extra skin cannot be ignored. Swelling tends to occur though it is considered to be a minor adverse effect.

Stretched Jelqing – requires you to use two hands. The one hand needs to have a firm hold behind the glans as it exerts a minor stretch. The other hand will apply the grip at the base as it strokes forward in the traditional manner.

Once the second hand meets the other hand at the penis glans, it should release the hold and then return the second hand at the base.

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