Jelq To Enhance Manhood Easily

Jelq is method which originated in Middle East hundreds of years ago. It is known to be the backbone of the penis enlargement techniques.

It is all over the internet and makes it very easy to look for further details on Jelq. It is very popularly known as milking in USA, UK and other parts of the world. It is a very simple exercise.

Jelq is a good combination of penis massage, milking and stretching. This exercise will not only increase the girth and length of your penis but also strengthen it.

It helps to force the blood through the penis and retain it for long in it. This exercise will slowly enhance your penis. Jelq is just like another exercise which needs to be performed daily. 

Most of the men in Middle East, Jelq allegedly to increase the size of their penis up to 20 inches. You must take time out to Jelq regularly everyday. It is very safe and natural method to enhance the penis length and the girth. It does not have any side effects and gives positive permanent penis growth. 

Jelqing has proved to be very healthy for your penis. It is being practiced successfully all over the world now. Many of the people who have tried Jelqing are very satisfied and have achieved far much better results than expected. The best part of jelq is that It can be performed by men of all ages. 

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Before you start jelqing you need to do few things like measure the penis size at present. Keep a track of the penis size and jot it down each time you measure it. Allow at least a couple of months to measure next time. You can use a measuring tape to measure the length and the girth of your penis. 

This exercise needs warming up just like any other exercise. You can either massage your penis for a while or wrap a wet towel soaked in lukewarm water. Ensure that the towel and the water are clean. Continue the action till your penis is semi erect.

It is necessary that you are not fully erect. Do not jelq when your penis is hard erected. Apply some lubricant like Vaseline, baby oil, skin and body lotion or olive oil on both your hands and penis. This will help you to reduce the friction between your hands and the penis.

Form a circle with your forefinger and the thumb to make an OK sign and hold your penis from the base. Gradually start stroking with both your hands one after the other. Each stroke should not be less then three seconds and should be full length long. Do not stroke the head of the penis.

Increase the number of strokes slowly and gradually every week. Make sure that you do not over do it on the very first day. Warm up is necessary even after the work out. Repeat the same exercise to warm up your penis or wrap the towel. This will make sure that the blood remains in the entire penis for long.

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