Boost Your Penis Size Permanently in Just a Matter of Weeks with Penis Enhancement Exercises

There are many available ways to help you increase your penis size like pumps, surgery, etc. However there is one method which is natural by 100 % and works wonders to add up to three inches to your manly hood, every day penis enhancement exercises.

It is natural to be drawn to the immediate size increase that a penis pump can give you. However the truth is using these pumps can only bring about an impermanent increase in size. More worse is regular use of penis pumps can potentially rupture the blood capillaries in your penis.

Penis exercises:

Penis enhancement exercises help your penis to naturally develop in size as well as improve sexual health. As a result not only will you end up with a longer, thicker, and harder penis, you will also improve in your sexual strength and stamina to perform better in bed and delight your partner time and time again.

How it works?

The penis enhancement exercises involve stroking and stretching techniques which help break down the walls of the cell in the Corpora-Cavernosa chambers in your penis. The two large chambers of penis fill up with blood during arousal or stimulation and produce an erection. Every time this happens, your penis itself repairs by growing stronger and larger cells.

So you can imagine how doing the exercises regularly will ultimately result in the Cavernosa chambers being made up of thicker and larger cells which increases its ability to hold blood and enlarge the erectile tissues. Therefore you end up with a bigger and harder penis.

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Penis enhancement exercises are very simple to do. By means of just a manual to do the exercises properly and about an hour of your time every day, you will be on your way to a bigger manly hood.


The jelqing penis enhancement exercises require some type of lubrication or greasing. Baby oil will work just fine and it is affordable for any man. It is very important to do your penis stretching exercises earlier to you doing any exercises to enlarge your penis, because it will be that much easier to hold of your penis. 

For this exercise get a partial erection, approximately about 80 %. Then once more apply the circle grasp, beginning at the base of your penis and going up toward the head of the penis. While you are performing this exercise focuses on forcing the blood up towards your penile head. 

Once you have made it to the head, change hands and keep doing around 25 of these jelqing exercises for the first 7 days, and then add at least 25 more every seven days. Within two months you will be doing more than one hundred jelqing exercises and just leave it at that. 

Just like every other penis enhancement exercises, always make sure you lightly stroke down your penis after each repetition. It is very important that you do warm-ups and also do a warm down before and after you exercise by taking a bath towel soaked in warm water and for two minutes or so wrap-up your penis and achieve effective results.

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