How To Augment Penis Size Naturally With Simple Penis Enlargement Exercise

Natural penis exercise is making your penis thicker and longer, without painful surgery, and suction type devices that do not work. Increasing your penis size with simple exercises you can do at home is completely possible. 

Here is a technique known as Dry Jelqing. This technique is used to aim new, lasting growth in the thickness of your flaccid and erect penis. Exercise step one: Get your penis to a forty to fifty percent erection, no less than this. 

Exercise step two: Here is your next step of penis exercise, create a ring kind of motion using your forefinger and the thumb of your one hand. Now the other fingers your ring, middle, and pinky finger should be stretched out.

Exercise step three: Now you have to firmly grip the penile base using the “O” sign that we discussed above, and you will slowly move your grasp upwards moving towards the your penile head. Do not glide over the skin. 

Instead, keep your focus on your fingers on top of the same area of skin at all times. While your still descending up and along the base of the penis. Imagine this penis exercise technique to being similar to the process of “milking” a cow. The blood in your erect penis is forced upwards into the head of your penis.

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Exercise step four: After you have milked from the penis base to just below where the head of your penis starts, release your grip. You have just completed one repetition of this simple penis enlargement exercise. 

To increase your penis size to twenty to thirty repetitions for your initial session and then increase it to fifty reps, once you get familiar with it, after doing this exercise for at least two weeks.

The Dry Jelqing natural penis enlargement exercise technique is just one of it that have been specifically tested and designed, that actually works naturally, without excruciating surgery or pump devices that can have harmful side effects. With a little practice and patience, increasing your penis size with these simple exercises has never been difficult. 

After using this method for at least two weeks you will without doubt observe that your penis will become bigger on a daily basis and that it will feel harder when erect. Using this and the other basic techniques as a practice that you can do a few weeks, you can really stop thinking about being just average and really be the male you want to be.

When jelqing it is very important to use lubricant in order to keep away from pain and irritation caused by the jelq movement. Make sure not to squeeze the manhood head too hard because this may cause injury and bruising.

You can also perform penis enlargement exercise to make stronger your pubococcygeus muscle, the one important in handling your ejaculation control. Having a stronger pubococcygeus muscle allows you to achieve ejaculatory control and experience long lasting sex.

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