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There are several ways through which penile enhancement can be achieved. They are mentioned below.

A. The penis enhancement can be achieved through the intake of pills. These supplements are effective in improving erections and in enhancement of the penis. A penile enhancement pill works in a manner that it boosts testosterone levels, increases blood circulation and is efficient in improving confidence in you that enables you to perform better sexually.

B. It can be done though traction in which the penile extender is used. The extender applies some amount of pressure to the skin tissue and then enlarges the internal cavities within the penis.

C. The vacuum pumps can be used for penis enlargement. These pumps move the blood towards the penis which swells it and thus, they are effective for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction as well. But a vacuum pump only brings the enlargement on the temporary basis. If you use the pump too often or for too long, the elastic tissues in the penis get damaged and this leads to less firm erections.

D. The penile enhancement can be brought about through natural exercises like pc and jelqing which when performed are effective in enlarging the penis and in improving the sexual stamina. When you follow a simple exercise guide, the penile enhancement exercises will work for you. In fact, your skin cells will become more elastic and you will be able to achieve much better results.

E. The weights provide the fifth means to cause penile enhancement. They can be attached to the penis and are thought to increase the penile size through the stretching of the muscle. But weights tend to exploit people's belief that the penile muscles are similar to the other muscles in the body. So, they can be bulked up through the repeated use of the weights. But unluckily, none of the weights have proven to work and a few of them can be dangerous.

F. The lotions are the sixth means to attain penile enhancement. Mostly, they consist of minerals, vitamins, hormones or herbs that according to the manufacturers help to enhance the penis. But the reality is that none of the lotions have worked at all and some of them can be harmful as well.

G. The patches are the seventh means to provide the penile enchantment. The penile enhancement patches utilizes the transdermal system for the delivery of the ingredients into the blood. A penis patch is placed onto the skin and it consists of the supplements. This makes the supplements to get transferred from the skin into the blood. The supplements do not need to enter the stomach and so they do not lose their potency. Thus, a penile patch has proven to work in an efficient and safe manner to enhance the penis without much stress or a problem. 

H. The surgery offers the eighth means to create the penis enhancement. It is the most common technique for penis enlargement as it lengthens the penis and even involves the cutting of the suspensory ligament. After this, a plastic surgery is performed that covers the new length of the penis through an additional skin. But the suspensory ligament plays a vital role as it helps the penis to point upwards at the time of erection.

So, when the suspensory ligament gets divided, the support is not present at all. After the surgery has been performed, a few males notice that they only achieved a small penile gain in the flaccid length. But the reality is that the erect penis is nearly the same size, but then points to the floor.

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